Welcome to Retracing Sequence Method (RSM). RSM is an effective belief change modality based in God's word: "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2).

RSM is based on neuro-emotional principles that incorporate developments in new cellular biology, interpersonal neurobiology, quantum theory, and epigenetics, and apply empirically supported research to discover and neutralize neurological imbalances at the cellular level arising out of the psychology and physiology of unresolved stress. The brain’s neuro-plasticity enables creation of new positive neural nets and belief systems. Why settle for anything less?

Set up for yourselves highway markers...; turn your thoughts
and attention to the way by which you went into exile.
RETRACE your steps. (Jeremiah 31:21)
Let us strp off and throw aside every encumbrance...
(Hebrews 12:1)

Retracing Sequence Method does not cure and is not counseling, but works collaboratively with clients to help resolve negative emotional stressors and improve mental, physical, spiritual, and relational ease and wellbeing.

“Retracing Sequence Method”, “RSM”, and “Real Healing Creates Real Change” are trademarks of Nightengale LLC.

Become a RSM Certified Practitioner

Become a RSM Practitioner

If you desire to personally experience transformation and positive changes from a traditional biblical perspective and help others do the same, please come join us for Retracing Sequence Method training on the forefront and shine God’s healing truths. Lay people are welcome!    For more information click here.

Client Testimonies

Client testimonies reflect personal opinions only and do not constitute any guarantee of RSM’s efficacy.

Gail Perry (Kindom Life Ministries, 2013)

“After many years of using various forms of healing prayer to deal with a particular issue in my life and experiencing small incremental results, RSM™ actually uncovered the root, gave me a way to process through the pain in a short amount of time with no additional trauma and set me on a path of walking out my new found freedom. I am very grateful for the work God is doing through Rashelle Wilson and this amazing process.”