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Rashelle Wilson, M.A., CMHC, RSM's Founder~

Having experienced childhood abuse and decades of living out its negative consequences, in her mid-30s Rashelle began realizing the impact her emotional wounds were having on her two children and others she cared about. An encouraging prophetic word was given to her by Pastors William and Ruth Waltz in 1992: "You are like a nightingale bird that will sing a beautiful song of freedom in the darkest places to set captives free. You will reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable." This was Rashelle’s impetus to seek personal transformation.

As God guided her through the next decade of researching, studying, and specialized training, to understand how real healing could be realized, Rashelle pioneered Retracing Sequence Method's approach and the foundational elements were developed and put into place in 2002. Based on traditional Biblical principles, interpersonal neurobiology, quantum physics, and epigenetics, RSM’s integrative approach helps to support cellular transformation and renewal within the “soul-spirit-body” system. Rashelle’s real healing allowed her to move forward in life and realize both her personal and professional dreams.

Rashelle has been specializing in working with individuals who have sought healing from other approaches without success. Her passion is to bind up the broken hearted and set people free from past wounds and negative beliefs. RSM has created freedom for countless people and enabled them to realize transformation and live more authentically. Rashelle desires to train others around the world that have a passion to create real healing and freedom for those sitting in bondage from unhealed wounds.

Masters Degree from George Fox University: Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Individual, Family, and Group with an emphasis of trauma from the Trauma Response Institute.

Special Interests and Specialized Training: Attachment Disorders, Personality Disorders, Complicated Trauma, Interpersonal Neurobiology of Trauma, Traumatology, Crisis Intervention, Complicated Loss and Grief, Sexual Orientation, Addictions and Psychopharmacology, Advanced Neuro-Emotional Technique, Theophostic Prayer, BodyTalk, and Contact Reflexology Analysis. 

Rashelle Wilson, M.A., CMHC – Trauma Emphasis
Member: American Association of Christian Counseling (AACC) and American Counseling Assoication (ACA).

Office: 4800 SW Meadows Road, Suite 347, Lake Oswego, OR 97035           
Phone: 503.544.0440

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