What Is Retracing Sequence Method™?

While the secular world is trying to alter our minds and brains by means of pharmaceuticals, drugs, and synthetic substances intended to change brain chemistry, implantation of neuro-prosthetics and brain chips, hypnosis, removal of brain matter, and other potentially harmful approaches, RSM is working courageously on the Christian forefront effectively helping people to reclaim and renew their minds, binding-up the broken-hearted, and reconnecting people to the True and Living God and their authentic and genuine selves.

Retracing Sequence Method (RSM) utilizes a traditional biblical perspective while applying a forefront neuro-emotional methodology of discovering and diffusing neurological imbalances related to unresolved emotional stress held at the cellular level.

Neurobiology research shows that over 90% of physical ailments are emotionally based and are created by toxic chemical messages (i.e., negative beliefs). By effectively working with the soul-spirit-body system that God created and principles of brain neuroplasticity, quantum physics, and epigenetics, RSM supports the client’s ability to realize incremental healthy mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational changes.

Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, stated, “What I have also come to see is that dis-ease seems to produce disease in the body. When the mind, heart, and spirit aren’t fully whole, how can the body be fully well?” (Colbert, 2003, pp. vii-viii)(emphasis added). 

Neuroplasticity is a simple concept of the mind- and heart-brain’s ability to neutralize local negative wiring and create new positive neuronal systems and structures that previously did not exist. Therefore, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2) is literally possible by changing negative beliefs into positive beliefs – and, since the soul is layered, transformation is viewed as a process.

RSM’s integrative approach is based on scientific principles and proven neuro-emotional bodywork techniques.  By accessing and neutralizing negative beliefs at the cellular level, RSM can assist any willing person's desire for transformation.

RSM Is Not…

  • New Age, but “ancient of days”, because the True and Living God alone created the human bioelectrical soul, spirit, and body systems and the way they function.

  • A method to predict the future.

  • Does not make claims about the past; memory events are considered to be “emotional” reality, which may or may not correspond with a client’s “historical” reality.

  • Does not exorcise demons or entities. 

  • RSM™ does not tell or advise clients what their plan of action should be for the future.

  • Is not counseling.

the pathway to peaceAs God's children, let us do more than just understand the problem or simply attempt to modify behavioral outcomes; instead, let us get to the root cause of mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational problems and create internal transformation to bring about a state of wholeness and freedom.

Transformation is realized when “Ashar” (internal integrity of the mind, heart, and spirit) occurs, which enables “Asher” (the straight path forward into peace, prosperity, and joy) to be realized. 

Ashar to Asher - RSM is an epic transformational journey!


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