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(Currently expanding into California! Email Rashelle Wilson, Founder of RSM for more information:



Rashelle Wilson, M.A., CMHC

RSM Founder, Basic-1, 2, & 3 RSM Instructor, & Certified RSM Practitioner


Office: 4700 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 100H, Portland, OR 97232


Janet Graves

Certified RSM Practitioner


Gail Perry, M.S. Ed, M Div.

Certified RSM Practitioner



Linda C. Jacoby

Licensed Minister, The River Int'l Revival Network

Certified RSM Practitioner


Please note this disclaimer: “Certification” means that an individual has gone through the required training to learn the RSM protocol. How that individual chooses to integrate their own spiritual beliefs and utilize RSM’s material may not necessarily be in accordance with RSM’s approach, integrity, and intentions. Therefore, the listing of the aforementioned Certified RSM Practitioners shall not be taken as an endorsement of any kind of such individuals nor is any responsibility or liability assumed for the use or application of Retracing Sequence Method. 

Please note: RSM does not provide counseling, medical advice, or legal services. If you are seeking specific advice or counseling, you should contact a licensed medical practitioner or mental health professional.

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