What Is Retracing Sequence Method?


Do you continually cycle through problems, no matter how hard you consciously strive to resolve them? Have you tried repeatedly to break negative emotional or behavioral patterns that leave you feeling like a failure? If so, perhaps it is time to consider Retracing Sequence Method (“RSM”).

RSM is a neuro-emotional methodology that utilizes a Biblical perspective in order to help resolve emotional stressors that are negatively impacting the soul-spirit-body system. Clients learn to recognize and allow their systems to discover and process the negative stored beliefs that are blockages to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical body wellbeing. 

RSM’s Approach:

Recent discoveries within the field of neurobiology demonstrate that beliefs are electromagnetic matter.  Quantum physics explains that all matter has energy – energy cannot be destroyed, but its form can be changed.  This scientific information supports the word of God as seen in the Bible: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

Further neuroscientific studies explain how thoughts have energy and become chemical matter. Therefore, thoughts and beliefs become chemical messages that create either ease or dis-ease within the soul-spirit-body system, depending on the belief’s underlying medicinal or toxic emotional message.

Scientific research has shown that over 90% of our physical ailments are emotionally based, and are due to toxic chemical messages being held at the neuronal, cellular, unconscious level. Therefore, effective intervention at the unconscious level may be necessary in order to access and neutralize embedded negative beliefs that contribute to current mental, emotional, physical, relational, behavioral, and other negative patterns.

Most beliefs, attitudes, and relational patterns are developed early in life and stored in the unconscious mind as memory. Great news!! Both the Bible and neuroscientific studies tell us that, due to the brain’s neuro-plasticity, neuronal systems and structures can be rewired and literally transformed from a state of dis-ease into a state of ease at any age.

Therefore, RSM works collaboratively with clients to resolve negative emotional stressors by utilizing both a traditional Biblical perspective and a neuro-emotional methodology to discover and neutralize neurological imbalances at the cellular level.

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